Jennifer Blythe Nickles is a fourth generation born psychic who continually practices and improves her evidential mediumship abilities. Jennifer has been intuitively reading traditional tarot for 20 years and is a Certified “Angel Card” and “Fairyologist” reader who has found a great inner passion for them and has dedicated her readings to these two divinations. Within the last few years, Jennifer Blythe came across Doreen Virtue’s beautiful ‘Angel’ and ‘Fairy’ tarot cards and has been using them as her primary decks. However, in the meantime, she still reads traditional tarot cards as well as continues to enhance her training and knowledge of various card decks and spreads to expand her spiritual and religious beliefs. 


Recently, Jennifer Blythe has taken a “Shadow Work” healing tarot class and is adding that into her divination (repartee). It involves a great deal of discipline and introspective to help another person to begin the healing process of deep emotional wounds. These readings are extremely emotional and weights heavy on the heart for both the reader and the person being read; it takes a great toll on energy and spirit as well. This type of reading is a very impactful reading and can only be done in person and privately with an extremely open heart and mind.


Jennifer Blythe is also an Ordained Minister and wedding officiant with Universal Life Church. She became a minister because ministering is what she does and what she has done since she was a little girl. Her religious beliefs and background are diverse. Jennifer Blythe was raised in a Catholic/Episcopalian/Celtic/Pagan/Jewish family. She was taught to live and love the white light.

Jennifer Blythe believes that God is always with her.


Jennifer Blythe’s guardian angel is Uriel and is literally a white light. Uriel surrounds Jennifer Blythe with protection and guides her  in psychic, mediumship and any activity that she is blessing such as a wedding, house cleansing, healing psychic work, Practical Reiki healing and especially when she is conveying messages from Spirit to a loved one seeking a message from the Other Side. Being in the white light of deity is as important to her existence as the air that she breaths and will not accept darkness or negative energy willingly but understands that LIFE and true KARMA is about BALANCE. Any of her healing work, be it structure energy blessing, cleansings, weddings, readings or Practical Reiki healings are all done with the help and presence of heavenly white light. This is the energy she exudes and is the same energy she seeks to help her clients in all capacities.


Practical Reiki is a great love of Jennifer Blythe’s and God has blessed her with the gift of healing in several ways.  Practical Reiki is a beautiful experience for her to share. Her Practical Reiki instructor is a strong, gifted, compassionate healer who delivers white light energy in her teaching and she is very blessed to have had her as a teacher.


Although, Jennifer Blythe has a love of reading at psychic events she also has a home office and schedules appointments at home for readings, phone readings and healings. She enjoys small gathering events and reading parties as they give her the opportunity to be generous with her time.  Her private or smaller group readings involve mediumship and numerology.


Human self esteem and healing is near and dear to Jennifer Blythe. As emotional beings we are all working on an emotional shadow. Jennifer Blythe is a Certified Assertiveness Coach which can help with those circumstances that find it hard for us to speak our truth to others in a gentle, direct way. Personally, she has needed extensive help in this area of her life and it's a constant work in progress for anyone.


Welcome to my website! I am happy and feel very honored that you have traveled here. I invite you to explore the many services that I provide and am eager to work with you to begin you on your enlighten path with the 'Spirit' of the White Light!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or to schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!


                                                                                                   ~Jennifer Blythe 


White Light Mystic - Jennifer Blythe Nickles