Healings Are Delivered by Direct Healing (in person) or Distance Healing 

​REIKI FOR PLANTS & ANIMALS - charging an animal or plant with healing Reiki energy. Plants, animals and water really do benefit from Reiki energy. Plants and animals can recover from illness and weakness with charged water and a Reiki healing. A small plant or animal will only require a few minutes of a healing because of their size.

SITUATION HEALING - This is a great beginning session for those new to Practical Reiki. This will be a session where the Major Chakras are cleansed and a healing is delivered by me to the recipient with what the recipient wants to be healed. This can be done in person or queued, preset or real time distance.

KARMIC BAND HEALING- This healing is directed to a karmic band that needs healing between the recipient and another person in this incarnation or a past life. I call this band a knot but it's really a band. We aren't connecting to the other person in question so no permission is necessary as the healing is going to the band specifically. 


CASUAL HEALING - If you don't know the cause of a concern the Causal Healing is for you. If you feel funky but don't know why this will heal the underlying cause.

CRYSTALINE HEALING - *minimum of two session at least one day apart* - This healing will address an energetic rock (crystal) that is being held in your energy field due to a physical or emotional trauma. These little nuggets can cause us physical paid due to our muscle memory holding on to the trauma and not having it healed. These rotten little crystals can and will be dissolved and finally released by this healing. This will be emotional and you will be better,

feel better and look better 'you gorgeous thang you!'​

BIRTH TRAUMA HEALING - Our brains may not remember being born but our energy field does cause being birthed can cause some emotional and physical time stamps. Most people should only need one Birth Trauma Healing unless you feel that you had a severe traumatic birth into this incarnation. If you need another session then we can do that. You can't get too much Reiki. If I administer more Reiki than your energy field requires the extra Reiki will neutralize and help our trees grow.



LOCATION HEALING -This healing instantly heals a band to a location that hold traumatic feelings or attachments.​

PAST LIFE HEALING -*A complete Past Life Healing treatment requires three sessions given at least one day apart.* This healing works to heal and release blockages and traumas by ones past life experiences. After this healing you will probably have intense dreams​.






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